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Your virtual Annual General Meeting

Right now we must find new ways to organize conferences, trainings and events. Some events can shift dates or change their structure, however this is not true for all events, such as annual general meetings. Vitalis Events can help ensure the continuity of these meetings and avoid disrupting your business because of Covid-19.

Information about when the meeting will take place can be sent out in the usual way, even with remote participants. You can use specific tools to be able to see exactly who has accepted, declined, and who has yet to respond, saving valuable time and making it simple to follow up.

Customized platforms can be used for registration management and to ensure accurate contact information, in order to comply with regulations. Many organizations also have different categories of participants at their meetings where, for example, only some have the right to vote. This can be easily managed via our highly customizable digital tool. There are also confidence and security issues, which we easily take care of by validating that you have the right person attending the meeting and voting. We make sure our systems are secured through the blockchain.

Knowing who is being present at a meeting is extremely important when monitoring the voting process. At a physical meeting, it is easy to register each participant when they arrive, either manually from a list or digitally through ID scanning. When the members participate remotely, we solve this by sending a text message with a personal link through an app to each participant where they can go in and mark themselves as present. A meeting facilitator can then easily monitor user engagement.

At a virtual meeting with members calling in, it is important to know how the participants should ask questions. You can use elegant features on our latest platform, via a web browser or a cell phone. Participants ‘sign up’ to speak or you can have them type their questions directly and potentially have a moderator read them, noting who has spoken. The chairman can prioritize questions and manage the debate, even with virtual participants.

Voting by hand raising, which we often see at physical meetings, does not work remotely. Instead, we use an innovative electronic voting platform, secured on the blockchain, to enable each qualified participant to cast their votes when needed. First, you present the item on the agenda, then you ask participants to cast their votes when called for (by sending out a personalized and secure voting link), then when everyone has cast their votes, the result of the vote is displayed live on the screen shared with the participants. And, of course, you also have the option of anonymizing all the votes. Working closely with you, we make sure all the legal and confidentiality requirements of the voting are met.

Allowing time between the items on the agenda is important, so that participants feel that they are not stressed when making up their mind and voting. Just as during a physical meeting, unexpected decision points can arise. With our platform, you can quickly add questions and response options into the voting tool and send personal voting links to approved voters. These results can be shown to all participants live as well, making the process seamless.

In short, with everything going on, it can be really nice to have someone in place to facilitate the online experience and make everything secure. You can trust the Vitalis team to provide you these high value-added services during the pandemic, and implement your virtual annual general meeting. Just get in touch with us !