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The reputation of "Swiss Made" no longer needs introducing. Based on work mixing quality, rigor and respect, it mixes both tradition and constant search for innovation. What is the result of this harmonious blend? Swiss quality!
Because your event is important, it carries your brand and your reputation, Vitalis Events, an event agency founded in 2003 in Geneva, adopted as a guideline the marriage of Swiss quality and boutique spirit.

"Swiss Boutique" is the alliance of precision, attention to detail and perfection at every level. The passion for our chosen trade is fed by years of personal experience and a appetite for progress that allows us to work all over the world.
Contrary to the proverb which says that "time is money", a rare commodity to value, we have made time our luxury. Time to receive your project, listen and analyse your needs without losing sight of your constraints, confronting the various proposals of our team members during our brainstorming sessions and the ideas that are worked, reworked and worked again before having your total approval.
Trust in our Swiss event agency to put the pieces of your puzzle together.
Its up to us to find the most appropriate services to fulfil your wishes, to carefully verify each element and to lead each of the different contractors and partners that are responsible to bringing to life your project.
And it’s up to you the D-Day, to enjoy the fluidity of a well orchestrated ballet, be it a meeting of 20 people, a seminar for 500 people, a local or international scientific conference for more than 1,000 people, a business convention involving 1500 participants, an outstanding party with friends or for your employees, we at Vitalis events provide you our expertise as a "Swiss boutique agency"!


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