Association Management

Association Management


What we do

As association management specialists, we provide our clients with great flexibility, agility, and financial advantages. Most associations prefer an outsourced approach as this offers scalability of service – staff and resources where and when they need it. Because we are specialists in association management services, we serve as an extension of staff to help meet your specific needs. Our services include administrative and financial management; membership development; events planning and implementation; meetings management; marketing and communication services; statistical research; developing educational activities; managing journal publications; patient awareness campaigns,…

Administrative and financial services, event management

Conference and exhibition planning and implementation, managing email and phone communications on behalf of the Association, sending newsletters, support for committee members, organizing executive committee, general assembly, taking minutes, accounting, financial reporting, communication with tax authorities,…

Members management

Members are the building blocks of your association. Vitalis Events manages associations to help them grow and prosper. We support you with day-to-day membership management, including : invoicing, handling of membership applications, member registration, responding to member enquiries. We also offer hands-on assistance in the acquisition of new members and implementing innovative membership acquisition campaigns. We convey your vision to members for optimum results.

Sponsorship management

Vitalis Events reviews clients’ sponsorship offerings to increase sales and maximize sponsors’ return on investment. We create sponsorship documents and pitch to specific organizations who would be a good fit for each opportunity. Vitalis Events also takes care of all day-to-day communication and coordination with sponsors while ensuring a very high satisfaction level.

Benefits of working with us

Operational and Staffing Benefits:
• Customized staff and services
• Broad expertise
• Best management practices and technologies

Financial/Business Benefits:
• Improved buying power
• Reduced business risks

Long-Term Benefits:
• Greater member satisfaction thanks to the professionalism of staff
• Time savings from daily operations allowing Board to maintain focus on mission and strategy
• Innovative strategies and ideas
• Scalability to adapt to organization growth

Do you need help unlocking the potential of your association?