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Digital Studio Events

When times require it and new challenges arise, every event professional adapts and sometimes even reinvents himself/herself with new additional services. This is exactly what we have done with our partners. We have put in place state-of-the-art production, transmission and broadcasting services for digital events. Whether an advanced webinar or webcast, we have the right solution for meetings and events of all kinds, in the current COVID times. We give you access to professional studios where we film and broadcast your event, and alternatively we can make it happen at your place, with our equipment and know-how. We offer technical solutions (capture, projection), organizational solutions (staging, presentation), and broadcasting solutions (creation of live content, communication on social networks, press relations with international TV channels).

Studios are configured and adapted to the format of the event, to the number of panelists. The sets change depending on the theme, attention is given to the backdrop and the furniture. Speakers are taken care of upstream so that they can work on their speech and appearance, the aim being to give a professional tone to virtual events such as when broadcasting live shows on TV sets. The events industry is thus undergoing rapid change and is reinventing itself at the rate of health developments linked to COVID. These new formats will undoubtedly still be used after the pandemic with the aim of retaining a large audience and will be combined with face-to-face participants. That being said, we remain huge fans of Live events, meetings in person, and we’re eager to get back to organizing “real” meetings, on top of our innovative digital offerings.

Please get in touch with us to work out the format and solutions for your next event !